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What is DIRECTV?

DIRECTV is America's #1 satellite TV service providing top quality TV entertainment to more than 19 million people all over the globe. With DIRECTV, you get all the top channels plus advanced technology like HD DVR, mobile apps, movie channels and more. DIRECTV also partners with industry leading Internet providers to bring you TV and Internet bundles.

All that and more is what makes DIRECTV the first choice for entertainment lovers everywhere.

Why choose DIRECTV programming?

There are hundreds of reasons why customers consistently choose DIRECTV over other TV providers, but the biggest reasons are:

Hundreds of Channels: Over 285+ channels of action packed entertainment.

TV Technology: High-tech equipment like whole-home HD DVR, mobile apps, and more.

Super Sports: The exclusive home of NFL SUNDAY TICKET for every game, every Sunday.

#1 in Customer Satisfaction: For the 17th year in a row, DIRECTV rated higher in customer satisfaction than cable.

Movie Madness: Standard and premium movie channels for around the clock entertainment.

How does DIRECTV work?

DIRECTV is a satellite TV provider. While Cable TV is provided by underground cable cords bringing picture from the cable company hub to your home, DIRECTV signals are transmitted from a satellite to a dish attached to the outside of your home.

Cable TV providers are limited to specific geographic regions, but DIRECTV and other satellite TV providers are able to transmit television service all around the world. DIRECTV is available virtually anywhere with a view of the southern sky. That means no matter where you live, you are likely to be able to enjoy all the benefits of top notch satellite TV service from DIRECTV.

How much is DIRECTV?

The price you pay for DIRECTV is dependent upon the type of entertainment you are looking for. There are five packages to choose from that offer something for everyone. Whether you are an occasional news watcher, or the most drama obsessed series follower, there is a package to meet your needs and your budget.

Prices start as low as under $30 a month for satellite TV service. New customers can also receive instant savings, national offers, and complementary upgrades when available. Call to order DIRECTV today and ask about special offers in your area.

Where to buy DIRECTV receiver?

You can purchase DIRECTV receivers and service by calling the number on your screen. A customer service representative can walk you through the ordering process, and will help you set up the perfect satellite TV package for your home including:

  • Package Selection: Get help finding the right package for you
  • Equipment Setup: Choose from standard receivers, all the way to whole-home HD DVR service
  • Schedule Installation: Select a day and time for the installer to come to your home and connect service
  • Internet Bundles: Find out how to bundle TV and Internet together for additional savings.

How does DIRECTV compare?

When you are looking for a new TV provider, there are multiple options to choose from. Customers often compare DIRECTV with other satellite TV providers and local cable companies to find the best value. Learn more about each provider and you will see why so many customers can't live without DIRECTV.

Call today to Order your DIRECTV package!

Are you ready to start watching the ultimate entertainment? Call today to get help answering any questions you might have. Schedule installation, and start enjoying your new satellite TV package from DIRECTV as soon as today.