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Deciding on Entertainment for Your Home with DIRECTV vs. Cox

Excellent entertainment from the comfort of your home – who could say no? Television service is a great way to provide entertainment for the whole family. Providers like DIRECTV offer the latest TV series and movies plus educational and kid-friendly programming, and even your favorite sports matches. With all those hours of family fun to be had, adding television service to your home isn't just a huge plus; it's practically an essential!

When you make the decision to add TV service to your home, there are so many companies to choose from. Not all television providers are created equal, however. There's one that stands above all the rest: DIRECTV! It's important to read about the differences between the major providers to see why DIRECTV is best for your home. Here, we explain DIRECTV vs. Cox, so you can see exactly why DIRECTV is the company you want for great TV in your home.

Cox vs. DIRECTV: Watch What You Love

How do you prefer to enjoy your entertainment? The type of viewer you feel you are should determine which company is best for you. DIRECTV is an especially superior option for TV viewers like:

  • Channel Surfer - Are you a major channel surfer, who loves checking out as many programs as possible during one couch session? DIRECTV's 285+ available channels will definitely provide enough programming for you to get your surfing fix.
  • #1 Sports Fan - If you're a sports fanatic, there's zero debate for you when it comes to DIRECTV vs. Cox Cable. DIRECTV's exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET package provides the most coverage in the industry, with every out-of-network game available every Sunday.1 But that's not all; DIRECTV offers plenty of sports networks for baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, soccer and even cricket fans to enjoy.
  • Movie Maven - Are you always checking out the most recent Hollywood hits? If your movie theater tickets are breaking the bank, stop that now and get DIRECTV. DIRECTV offers over 31 premium movies channels like STARZ, Cinemax, and HBO, as well as a huge library of Pay Per View and On Demand titles.
  • Save-it-for-later Show Scheduler - If you're the type of person who likes to schedule their favorite shows to watch at a later time, Cox vs. DIRECTV should not be a question in your mind. Only DIRECTV has the Genie HD DVR2. This extraordinarily advanced piece of whole-home recording equipment from DIRECTV lets you simultaneously record and watch on up to 5 different TV's in different rooms of your home – without multiple bulky DVR boxes.

Technical Differences in DIRECTV vs. Cox Cable

There are major technical differences that make up the heart of the DIRECTV vs. Cox debate. Cox is a cable television company, and DIRECTV is a satellite television company. For those who live in more remote areas, this is a very important distinction. Due to the technology involved with cable lines, Cox is only available to those whose homes are situated in close proximity to cable distribution lines placed on local utility poles or underground utility lines. Since DIRECTV receives signal to outdoor satellite dishes by means of skyward communications satellite, television service from DIRECTV is available to practically any home in America with a view of the Southern sky.

Order The Best for Your Home: DIRECTV

Call today and get DIRECTV satellite television service in your home. It's no surprise that in DIRECTV vs. Cox Cable, DIRECTV is the clear winner. With exceptional entertainment options combined with stellar customer service nationwide, DIRECTV beats any provider.