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DIRECTV vs. Charter Cable: Who's the best TV provider?

If you're considering television service for your home, you are lucky to have many choices in terms of the providers available to you. You want to make the right choice and select the best TV company for your needs. Two different television providers you may have heard of are DIRECTV and Charter Cable. These companies are very different, so before you decide which is best for you and your family, it's important to know everything about the services they provide. So which is best for you, DIRECTV or Charter Cable? Read on for the answer!

Satellite Television vs. Cable Television

The main difference between DIRECTV and Charter Cable is that DIRECTV is a satellite television provider while Charter provides cable television services. Basically, DIRECTV vs. Charter Cable = satellite TV vs. cable TV. What is the difference between satellite and cable? Cable television works by transmitting radio frequency signals through coaxial cables. In order to receive cable television in your home, you must have cable distribution lines on the local utility poles or underground utility lines nearby. Satellite television, on the other hand, is delivered to your home through a communications satellite received by an outdoor antenna, also known as satellite dish. With no cable lines necessary, 100% of US households with a clear view of the Southern sky can get satellite television — and that means DIRECTV. Additionally, having satellite TV service from DIRECTV means having a clear signal, as DIRECTV boasts a 99% worry-free signal reliability. Based on a Nationwide Study of representative cities.

Face the Facts: DIRECTV vs. Charter

As you decide which company will be best for your home entertainment, it's important for you to know some major facts. Here are some important facts in the Charter vs. DIRECTV debate:

  • HD

    DIRECTV offers more High-Definition channels than any other cable or satellite provider. If you order DIRECTV, you could have the most full-time HD channels in the industry — over 190.1

  • In addition to the most overall HD channels, DIRECTV is also the company that offers the most sports programming in HD2. Sports fans with DIRECTV feel like they're a part of the action with the clear and sparkling images during every game.

  • Local Channels

    With DIRECTV, Local channels plus Locals in HD are included in every package. Locals are included in over 99% of U.S. households, and HD Local channels included in over 98% of U.S. households3.

  • Customer Service

    For the 17th year in a row, DIRECTV rated higher in customer satisfaction than cable.

Based on those facts, there's no question about who's the best television service provider available. In the Charter vs. DIRECTV debate, DIRECTV is the clear winner.

Charter vs. DIRECTV: Packages and Sports

When making your decision, it is important to know the specifics of DIRECTV vs. Charter TV packages and specialty sports packages. Charter cable offers three cable TV packages, with channel counts reaching their max at 200+. DIRECTV, on the other hand, offers 5 packages to choose from, and the max package has more than 285 channels available. DIRECTV offers more choices, as well as more overall channels. In sports, DIRECTV is again the clear winner. That's because only DIRECTV has NFL SUNDAY TICKET, the only football package that gives you access to every single out of mark game, live in HD, every Sunday.4 TV, movie, and sports fans alike get more choices — and more entertainment — from DIRECTV.

Get the Best For Your Home Today — Get DIRECTV

When you choose television service for your home, you want to make sure you're going with the best possible provider. Clearly, after a comparison of DIRECTV vs. Charter Cable, DIRECTV is the better company for your home. Call the number on your screen today to get DIRECTV in your home today!