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DIRECTV packages cater to your needs

There are a few items in life that are one size fits all, but television programming isn’t one of them. Some providers offer limited package choices as though every household has the same needs. But DIRECTV packages come in a variety of sizes to help match your family and can be customized with upgrades, premium networks and a range of technology options. DIRECTV offers comprehensive programming packages created with real television-watchers in mind.

DIRECTV plans: How do you watch television?

Each household has its own way of watching TV, and all of the DIRECTV packages help customers get the entertainment that matches their viewing styles. Some people know exactly what shows or movies they want to see, while others prefer to surf until something catches their interest. Some enjoy having a great range of channels to choose from while others prefer less. What kind of television viewer are you?

Dueling tastes

If your household consists of two or more people, it is unlikely that everyone has the exact same taste in television programming. If you have a house full of people, you may want to get one of the DIRECTV plans with more channels. That way, you’ll have a chance to satisfy everyone’s entertainment needs while staying within your family budget. (24-month agreement required.** Click for details.)

Choose either the ENTERTAINMENT package or the CHOICE™ package and you’ll get access to some of the most wanted channels like Nickelodeon®, A&E®, TNT™, AMCâ„ , ESPN® and several others. Everyone in the family should be able to find something they like, and you have the option of selecting HD DVR1 to further enhance your viewing experience. Keep the peace in your home with one of these DIRECTV packages.

Favorites fanatic

You know exactly what you want to watch and when it comes on. You enjoy watching all kinds of things from sports to movies, so you definitely want one of the many DIRECTV packages that give you a wide array of channels.

When you get the XTRA package, you’ll get a good deal of channel variety, with more than 220 digital channels and access to thousands of titles On Demand2. Upgrade to an HD DVR and record a show while you watch a movie or record the season finale of your favorite series while you watch the big game. The only decision you’ll have to make is what to watch first. (Advanced Receiver fee applies for HD DVR) For more information, call now!

Aficionado of all

You want everything there is - every regular network, every premium network and every type of technology that is offered in DIRECTV packages. The package you need is the PREMIER™ package. You’ll get access to more than 315 channels. Watch all types of movies on DIRECTV’s premium movie suites including HBO®, STARZ® Super Pack, SHOWTIME UNLIMITED® and Cinemax®. The sports nut in your house will be excited about SPORTS PACK, with more than 35 sports networks covering sports from around the world.

Upgrade to HD DVR, and you won't have to miss a thing! (Advanced receiver fee applies.) To get more information call now!

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