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DIRECTV Installation for You

After ordering the perfect TV package from DIRECTV, you will need to schedule for installation of the satellite dish and receiver. Thanks to the reliable DIRECTV installation options and flexibility, there is no need to worry about DIRECTV installers or the DIRECTV installation process. It's easier than ever to have your DIRECTV set up so you can enjoy America's #1 TV service.

Standard DIRECTV Installation

Every single DIRECTV order comes with free standard home installation in up to four rooms throughout your home. Free standard installation is regulated to what may be considered "standard" by the DIRECTV installers. Free standard installation is that in which the satellite dish can be mounted on a roofline or perhaps a balcony and the cables for the receivers can be run easy to the designated areas, without too much extra work. Standard installation also only includes four TVs, or rooms. If you have more than that, you will need to look into custom installation. If the installation is considered standard, the DIRECTV installation cost will be $01!

Custom DIRECTV Installation

DIRECTV is available everywhere, but sometimes the best position for the satellite dish may cause for a different placement of the dish. DIRECTV installers will be able to tell you during your DIRECTV installation appointment if you require custom installation. Another reason you may need to get custom installation, would be that you are having more than four TVs connected to DIRECTV. If you have additional TVs throughout the home that you want connected, it would be considered a custom installation. Custom installation is not free, and requires payment upon installation, but you will get exactly what you want and more from DIRECTV for it. The overall DIRECTV installation cost is not excessive and will get you the great TV service you know and trust.

DIRECTV installers Make It Happen

DIRECTV installers are certified and trained professional satellite television installers, specialized in installing DIRECTV systems everywhere. There are DIRECTV installers in every state, so you can count on having a timely installation, due to their availability. DIRECTV installation is available on the weekends, so be sure to ask the representative when scheduling your appointment.

What to Expect During Installation

After your order you will schedule your DIRECTV installation for a convenient time for you and the DIRECTV installer. On the day of your appointment you will need to prepare a few things to make sure the installation goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Decide where you want your TVs and receivers located.
  • Move the TVs and other obstructions away from the walls so DIRECTV installers have a clear path to the TV.
  • Allow 2 to 5 hours for installation at home.
  • Make sure someone at least 18 years or older is there to manage the installation.
  • Prepare any questions you have about installation.
  • Let the DIRECTV installers do their work.

Once DIRECTV installers arrive, they will survey the interior and exterior of the home, making a plan as to where the best signal can be retrieved for your service, and also where the receivers will be connected. The technician will then share their plan with you and get started installing the system. They will first install the satellite dish to your roofline or where the best signal can be found. They will then proceed to run the coordinating cables to the receivers and TVs inside the home.

After the technician has finished installation, they will check with you and let you know what they did to install the service. This is a great time to ask any question, or voice any concerns you may have. After that, DIRECTV installers will give you a brief demonstration on how to use your DIRECTV system. They will clean up their mess and depart from your home, leaving you to enjoy your new DIRECTV service. DIRECTV installation is that easy.

Call now to order!

There's no need to worry about a troublesome installation or problems related to it with DIRECTV installation. Call now to order you own DIRECTV package and schedule your free standard home installation. You'll have DIRECTV before you know it.