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DIRECTV Genie: A Truly Unmatched Home DVR Experience

In the competitive landscape of cable and satellite receivers there is only one box so advanced, so innovative, and so powerful that it stands a cut above the rest: DIRECTV Genie.

Genie is so much more than your run-of-the-mill cable box:

  • It's a cutting-edge home entertainment control center, capable of transporting you into the deep abyss of space with the latest sci-fi flick, or putting you directly on the sidelines of your favorite team.
  • It's a mobile media hub, letting you take your favorite TV sports, movies, and shows with you wherever life takes you.
  • It's a liberator, removing recording conflicts and giving you the freedom to experience TV in every room without a bulky box and tangled wires.
  • That's just scratching the surface. DIRECTV Genie brings you even more capabilities sure to impress.

    All the Best DIRECTV DVR Capabilities. And Then Some

    All of your home TV entertainment wishes have come true with DIRECTV's latest advanced home DVR box, Genie. It delivers all the features you have come to love in addition to improvements that no competitor can touch.

    Look at how Genie has enhanced these everyday DVR features, making the home TV entertainment experience that much more enjoyable.

    Whole-home DVR1 – Other providers like to tout whole-home DVR functionality. What they fail to mention is that in order to enjoy TV in every room, they require a bulky receiver in each one.

    Fortunately, not all DVR receivers are created equal. Genie removes the need for an inconvenient box in every room by replacing it with a tiny Genie Mini. If your TV is RVU-enabled, you don't even need that!

    Aside from the freed up space, the most advanced DIRECTV DVR also lets you watch a different show, be it live or recorded, on four different TVs all at once. If you have the space, you can even enjoy DIRECTV in up to eight rooms! Whole-Home DVR functionality and remote viewing requires a Genie Mini (model C31 Client) or an RVU-enabled TV/device for each additional room. Additional fees apply.

    Recording – Ever try to record a show only to be blocked by an annoying popup telling you there's a conflict with other shows recording simultaneously? Or worse, you are out of storage space on your DVR, forcing you to delete content you haven't watched yet?

    With Genie DIRECTV DVR, you are able to record any five shows at once—virtually eliminating recording conflicts.Access to programming based on package selection It doesn't matter if your shows are all on primetime or all in HD, you can grab them all. In addition, you get a massive 1 terabyte (1 TB) of storage space, granting you hundreds of hours of your favorite DIRECTV HD DVR programming ready whenever you want it.Program must air in HD to record in HD.

    Mobility – Some DVR units allow you to stream content from your box to your tablet, smartphone, or computer. But you are constrained to your home Wi-Fi network, leaving you at the mercy of signal strength.

    DIRECTV Genie Features You Won't Find Anywhere Else

    Take a look at what new features DIRECTV Genie brings to the table that other providers, well, don't.

    Genie Recommends – The sophisticated DIRECTV DVR can even suggest shows that might interest you based on what you already watch. Opt in to Genie Recommends to discover new and exciting series you might not normally have caught.

    iPad® as a Genie remote2 – Remote lost in the couch somewhere? You don't have to worry if you have your iPad® handy. With a few swipes of the finger, you can watch, rewind, fast forward, stop, and play all your Genie programming.

    The Most Full-time HD – While other providers claim HD channel counts, you have to ask yourself how many of those are full-time HD channels? Genie, the latest DIRECTV HD DVR, can give you access to DIRECTV's collection of over 185 no-gimmick, full-time HD channels.3 That's more than any other satellite provider.

    Get DIRECTV Genie In Your Home Today!

    Didn't think it was possible to get all these great features with a receiver? Think again. The DIRECTV Genie combines best-in-class technology, top-tier programming, and exclusive features you won't get from any other provider all in one sleek box. What more could you ask for?

    Call to set up a FREE installation and get Genie in your living room today!

    1 DIRECTV Advanced Whole-Home HD DVR service requires a DIRECTV Advanced Whole Home DVR model HR34 receiver ("Genie") connected to the primary television. Remote viewing requires a Genie Mini (model C31 Client), H25 HD Receiver(s) or RVU-capable TV/device in each additional room, a SWiM network and Advanced Receiver Service ($25/mo.). Limit of three remote viewings per Advanced Whole Home HD DVR at a time. Visit for complete details.

    2 Certain remote control functions require a standard DIRECTV remote. iPad remote control functionality requires a home based Wi-Fi connection. iPad App requires Internet access and login. Internet connections may vary. In rare instances, scheduled recordings may not be recognized. Only available on certain DVR receivers. Visit for complete details. iPad is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

    3To access DIRECTV HD programming, HD equipment along with Advanced Receiver fee is required. Number of HD channels varies based on package selection.